Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I am really excited about my upcoming Earthwatch, "Mammals of Nova Scotia"! This project is run by Dr. Christina Buesching and Dr. Chris Newman, senior research associates with the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at Oxford University. Their aim is to undertake original research to understand the implications of environmental change on terrestrial mammal communities in temperate ecosystems. I am excited to think that I will actually be doing research in the field that will be recorded somewhere other than my own field journal (not that that is not also important)! Mrs. Claus and I did a Minnesota-based waterways project a few years ago (that is where the stream tables came from), but this is quite a bit more ambitious.

I want this blog to be a two way conversation, and some of the things I would like you, as students to be thinking about are stewardship of the environment and sustainability. Please look up the word "sustain" and tell me how you've used it in other contexts besides the environment. What does sustainability mean and how would you think it applies to the environment.

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  1. I'll be posting your pictures onthe school's electronic bulletin board! Chue