Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our snow day walk

Because we had a "snow day" today, Paula and I decided to set out on a walk. I know that this does not look like much snow to Minnesotans, but remember we are on the coast and they got much more snow inland where we do the research. The picture on the left is the "accommodation",as our primary investigators call it--it is where we stay and do our blogs, skyping and hear the lectures. Paula and I set out on our walk to find the beach and as you can see we did. Because I had a skyping session scheduled, I had to turn back to return to the accommodation--and there is Paula setting out on the beach trek.
It was great to talk to Mr. Schollmeier and the sixth graders. I am excited that you're thinking about the difference between conservation and sustainability and looking forward to your thoughts and questions. It was also interesting to me that Mr. Schollmeier had just been to the frac sand discussion the previous evening, and learned that a more realistic estimate of when we might run out of natural gas is 26 years, not one hundred. Does 26 years sound like a lot of years to you? Believe me--it isn't! As I said, I think water may end up being a bigger challenge or a more critical shortage than energy, but either would require major adaptations from us as a species.
I am looking forward to skyping with you again tomorrow!

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