Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Today we set out to set our small mammal traps for the first time. To our surprise, it started to snow. The snow, combined with a bitterly cold wind, made it the coldest (according to the scientists) that anyone on the team had ever had to spend setting traps. We worked from a quadrant and set rows of ten traps in five rows fairly evenly spaced. We may not catch very many small animals because of the cold (they will still be in their burrows). Nonetheless, this data in itself will be important to the scientists as they study the small mammal population. From now on we will check the traps twice a day. The small mammals cannot survive very long in the Longworth traps. The type and number of small mammals in a given area tells the scientists in what ways the environment and climate might be changing and becoming more or less hospitable to certain species.
Today we were talking about the difference between conservation and sustainability. I know that you have heard about "conserving our natural resources", but have you heard the word "sustainability" used before? Look up each in the dictionary. How would you describe the difference?
In these pictures I am gathering dried grass for small animal bedding in the traps, and in the picture above I am placing one of the traps. To find the right place for the trap, we say we have to "think like a mouse". Where would the mouse go?

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  1. That is so something CJ would say. We hope you are staying warm and having some fun! Learn a lot for us and we look forward to hearing and seeing more. Love you, The CO Kids.